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Spirit Light Network

The Spirit Light Network was formed as a non-profit organization dedicated
to the study and bringing to light the truth of life after death and
phenomenon of the paranormal from a spiritual, religious and scientific
perspective. What sets us apart from other paranormal groups is our desire to discover
truths as to why hauntings occur and what we can do to assist those souls who remain
trapped. It is not so much a question of whether a place is haunted, but why a place is
haunted and what we can do to bring relief to both the living and the dead.

The Network draws its strength from shamanic, healing, psychic, medium
and religious communities working together to discover the truth.
With equipment to scientifically document the phenomenon, as well as the
experience and talent of our members, the Network can assist you in all
aspects of spiritual occurrences, including hauntings, investigating
other mystical phenomenon, house clearings and assisting in releasing
lost souls.

Contact for Connecticut: Joy Gaffney 860-917-0825

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